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Diagnostic Services

We provide a variety of in house diagnostics in Dublin

Diagnostic Services

We provide a variety of in house diagnostics in Dublin

  • Blood Testing and Laboratory Facilities - In-house state of the art biochemistry analysers to assess internal organ function.  Full haematology and electrolytes are also available.

  • Microscopy - Utilised to examine skin scrapings, blood smears, aspirates, urine and cell deposits.

  • In-House Microbiology - Utilised to test for feline leukaemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus, parvovirus and fungal culture to check for ringworm.

  • Profiling Screens - Utilised to test for for liver, kidney and pancreatic function.

  • Endocrine Screens - Utilised to assess a range of hormonal disorders including adrenal and thyroid disorders and to check for and monitor diabetes.

  • Culture and Sensitivity Testing - Utilised for infectious agents to ensure the use of the correct antibiotic to treat your pet’s illness.

  • Electrocardiograph (ECG) - Utilised to check your pet’s heart rhythm and rate.

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring - This is especially important with heart disease and kidney disease.

  • Auroscope/Ophthalmoscope - Used to accurately assess your pet’s aural (ear) canal and to examine and assess the eye and its internal structures, including the retina.

  • Endoscopes - We are equipped with two endoscopes which enable us to examine inside some of the body organs such as the throat, trachea oesophagus and stomach and to obtain biopsies without the need for invasive surgical procedures.

Diagnostic Imaging

All of our clinics are equipped with radiology and ultrasound facilities. X-ray helps to assess bone and organ structure. Ultrasound is an excellent, non-invasive diagnostic tool for assessing the internal structure and tissue type of many of the body’s organs. It can be used to detect inflammation, abscesses, stones and tumours. It is also valuable in monitoring heart health and function.

On occasion, for non-routine cases, we also engage the services of Emma Tobin, board certified veterinary radiologist who provides an ultrasound referral service in our Blanchardstown Veterinary Hospital every week. We can also avail of her expert advice if a specialist opinion is needed on any radiograph taken within the Anicare Veterinary Group.

If a patient requires a referral to our ultrasound/radiologist specialist then an appointment can be made by one of the Anicare vets, and can usually be scheduled within one week.

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